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The 3rd Birthday HD Textures Pack

It is important to know which version to download depending on your screen, read below to know which one you should choose, lite or high quality.

Texture Pack Credits: Matthew Juarbe Support it on YouTube

Which Texture Pack should I Download?

That’s a pretty interesting question, it all depends on the device and screen resolution where you are going to run the game. Let’s look at the following situations:

If we are going to play the video game on a small screen, such as the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch or a Smartphone, the most recommended version is the Lite version. And the Emulator must be at a Resolution of 2x to 4x (1080p) so that the icons and the game look sharp.

What happens if I use the 4K high quality texture pack on a small screen at 2x or 3x emulator resolution?

You will be wasting resources, consuming more battery, the image will look bad and quite sawtoothed.

When Should We Use the High Quality 4K Texture Pack?

If we are going to play the game on a PC or Console with a 2K to 4K Monitor with the Emulator at a resolution of 4x to 10x (4K+), it is advisable to use the high quality version.

On the contrary, the game will be pixelated due to the low resolution of the original game texture.
If you want, you can also use the (Lite) version on PC or Consoles. o Large monitors.

How to Install HD Texture Pack

One time setup

Texture Pack Compatible With:
USA: ULUS10567
EUR: ULES01513

First step

We have to obtain the serial number of the video game. To do this we hold down the game icon for a few seconds.


Second Step

In order to install texture packs you first need to enable texture load. To do so, make sure to enable option
Settings > Tools > Developer Tools > Replace Textures


If the file I download comes with the following name «», you just need to move it to the following path:

\ppsspp\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES Here you must look for a folder with the serial number of your game, if that folder does not exist, create it yourself, example ULUS10567, and paste inside the file with the name «»

If, on the other hand, the file you downloaded comes with a random name, you just have to unzip that file, and move everything you unzipped to the same path that we explained in the previous step.