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Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes HD Textures Pack 1

It is important to know which version to download depending on your screen, read below to know which one you should choose, lite or high quality.

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Which Texture Pack should I Download?

That’s a pretty interesting question, it all depends on the device and screen resolution where you are going to run the game. Let’s look at the following situations:

If we are going to play the video game on a small screen, such as the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch or a Smartphone, the most recommended version is the Lite version. And the Emulator must be at a Resolution of 2x to 4x (1080p) so that the icons and the game look sharp.

What happens if I use the 4K high quality texture pack on a small screen at 2x or 3x emulator resolution?

You will be wasting resources, consuming more battery, the image will look bad and quite sawtoothed.

When Should We Use the High Quality 4K Texture Pack?

If we are going to play the game on a PC or Console with a 2K to 4K Monitor with the Emulator at a resolution of 4x to 10x (4K+), it is advisable to use the high quality version.

On the contrary, the game will be pixelated due to the low resolution of the original game texture.
If you want, you can also use the (Lite) version on PC or Consoles. o Large monitors.

How to Install HD Texture Pack

One time setup

Texture Pack Compatible With:

How to Install on PC

1.) Download a texture pack and extract it somewhere.

2.) You will be left with a folder or a bunch of image files, it all depends on the creator of the texture pack..

Example Image:

3.) Open Dolphin emulator.

4.) Navigate to the Dolphin User folder from the menu bar: File > Open User Folder

Example Image:

5.) From there you will see a Load folder, open that, then open the Textures folder.

Example Image:

6.) Look for the folder with the game serial, if it does not exist you can create it. The serial of the Metal Solid EUROPA game is GGSpA4, for the USA version it is GGSEA4.

Then copy all the images or files extracted previously and move them into the folder with the serial corresponding to your game.

7.) Enter Graphics > Advanced tab > Check Load Custom Textures.
Optional: Prefetch Custom Textures – Caches textures in RAM when game is loaded. May reduce stuttering.

Example Image:

8.) Load the game and play!

How to Install on Android

  • 1 – Download the texture pack
  • 2 – Extract
  • 3 – Create a folder with your GameID (you can find it in the «Details» tab within the Dolphin emulator) and you must create the textures folder in the following path Android/data/Dolphin-emu/Load/Textures.
  • 4 – Move all previously unzipped files to the folder you just created
  • 5 – Inside Dolphin, long tap your game > Edit game settings > Graphics settings > Advanced >
  • Load custom textures ✓ Preload custom textures ✓